You are visiting the 60’s & Beyond internet radio station’s website. We’re an internet radio station that brings you a strong lineup of music from the early 1960’s all the way to some modern day music. Our focus is on the artists and the music from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. Additionally, we’ve included later offerings from those artists as well as newer music from current artists that have the “throwback” sound of those years. Examples are later music from the Stephen Stills band called The Rides and their 2013 CD “Can’t Get Enough” as well as a 2014 album from Tom Petty titled “Hypnotic Eye”. Both are excellent examples of type of music that fits in our core 60s-80s lineup because they are from artists of that time period and their music is still in that style.  Newer music by older artists isn’t always popular and many listeners may not known an older artist has put out new music.  At 60’s & Beyond, we want to present new music from these older artists to our listeners.

Here at 60’s & Beyond we share our love of music with our listeners. We pick the music selections that enable our listeners to feel, have an emotional reactions, and escape for awhile from the day’s stresses.

UPDATE December 30, 2015

Beginning on January 1, 2016, 60’s & Beyond will be suspending its broadcast due to a recent revision to the U.S. royalty rates for webcasters. The new rates, which go in to effect on January 1, 2016, no longer include a provision (Small Webcaster Agreement) for small & medium independently owned and operated stations like 60’s & Beyond.  If we chose to stay on the air, our royalty rates would increase from roughly $630 a year range to a projected range of $10,000 – $24,000 annually due to the lack of a provision for small webcasters.   The projected U.S. royalty rates we have received from our compliance company are only interim rates, which are projected to be at least $1,824 per year, but this is only an initial estimate and subject to their skillful negotiation of deep discounts with the music industries’ royalty collection organizations.    

Since we do not make a profit from our broadcast and we can’t even predict our January 2016 royalty payment obligation at this last minute, we will not continue to stream as of midnight on December 31st.   60’s & Beyond and a great number of U.S. based, legal, small & medium webcasters will go silent between now and midnight December 31st.  As a community, the legal internet webcasters based in the U.S. hope that the U.S. Government’s Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) and the music industry representatives are able to work with the small webcast community to make streaming affordable again in the future.  Until that happens, legal niche internet radio stations in the U.S. will be few and far between.

After only 22 months of broadcasting here at 60’s & Beyond, we are now forced to cease streaming.  It has been a wonderful experience and we thank you very much for your support.  We will return if the Copyright Royalty Board, the music industry representatives, and our license compliance company are able to work together to recognize that a Small Webcaster Agreement is in the best interest of all concerned.  If they make streaming affordable again in the future, we’ll be back.

Thank You So Much For the Fun!  

Long Live Great Music Of The Baby Boomer Generation!

Richard Emerson

UPDATE February 7, 2016

Now that some of the dust has cleared on the new royalty rate costs, 60’s & Beyond is assessing if it can afford to return to the air.  We will need to explore some advertising and we’ll ask for our listeners to also help out.  We certainly miss running a radio station for fun but if we return we’ll also need to keep an eye on the financial side.  We would like to know if any of our listeners would be willing to make periodic donations to our station via Paypal if we decided to go back on the air.  Let us know on our Facebook Page @ 60’s & Beyond.

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