You are visiting the 60’s & Beyond internet radio station’s website. We’re an internet radio station that brings you a strong lineup of music from the early 1960’s all the way to some modern day music. Our focus is on the artists and the music from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. Additionally, we’ve included later offerings from those artists as well as newer music from current artists that have the “throwback” sound of those years. Examples are later music from the Stephen Stills band called The Rides and their 2013 CD “Can’t Get Enough” and their 2016 CD “Pierced Arrow” as well as a 2016 album from Santana titled “IV”. These are excellent examples of type of music that fits in our core 60s-80s lineup because they are from artists of that time period and their music is still in that style.  Newer music by older artists isn’t always popular and many listeners may not known an older artist has put out new music.  At 60’s & Beyond, we want to present new music from these older artists to our listeners.

Here at 60’s & Beyond we share our love of music with our listeners. We pick the music selections that enable our listeners to feel, have an emotional reactions, and escape for awhile from the day’s stresses.


UPDATE May 6, 2016

We have decided to start back up our station and it is available on Tunein (Tunein.com).  You can also click on the PLAY NOW button below to get immediate to our station.  We have sent in a request to Apple to update our stream link in iTunes (in the Internet Radio area under 70’s Retro) and it should be available in the next week or two.  Right now if you click on 60’s & Beyond in iTunes it won’t link to our station stream.

Since the landscape of internet radio has changed at the beginning of the year, it is much more expensive to operate a station today than it was in the past.  With that in mind, if you like our music selection and station, we would like our listeners to consider making periodic donations to our station via Paypal to help us cover the expenses.  This will help us stay on the air and bring you what we hope is the musical selection and depth that keeps us fresh and keeps us at the top of your list of favorite internet radio stations. Make sure you let us know how we’re doing by going to our Facebook Page (60’s & Beyond) and leaving us some feedback (and a Like).

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