You are visiting the 60’s & Beyond internet radio station’s website. We’re an internet radio station that brings you a strong lineup of music from the early 1960’s all the way to some modern day music. Our focus is on the artists and the music from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. Additionally, we’ve included later offerings from those artists as well as newer music from current artists that have the “throwback” sound of those years. Examples are later music from the Stephen Stills band called The Rides and their 2013 CD “Can’t Get Enough” and their 2016 CD “Pierced Arrow” as well as a 2016 album from Santana titled “IV”. These are excellent examples of type of music that fits in our core 60s-80s lineup because they are from artists of that time period and their music is still in that style.  Newer music by older artists isn’t always popular and many listeners may not known an older artist has put out new music.  At 60’s & Beyond, we want to present new music from these older artists to our listeners.

Here at 60’s & Beyond we share our love of music with our listeners. We pick the music selections that enable our listeners to feel, have an emotional reactions, and escape for awhile from the day’s stresses.

Remember you can access 60’s & Beyond here on this site by clicking the links to the left (128K MP3 or 64K AAC+) or throught Tune-in (Tunein.com) and through iTunes (in Internet Radio under the 70’s Retro section.  For iTunes, you may need to enable “Internet Radio” under “Preferences” and “Restrictions”.  It is disabled by default).

Update 1 February: Thank you all for responding to our request for donations in January, we received a total of $300 in donations. We said at the beginning of the month that we needed at least $250 to continue into February and listeners responded and supported this station.  We used the $250 to support the station in January and the remaining $50 will be applied to February.  A big THANK YOU to all of you who helped us this month.

While January was a success in terms of listener support, the need will continue each month.  While I’m not comfortable always asking for donations from listeners, I’ve had to make changes to the station that will support on-air advertising which hopefully will provide some of the revenue that is needed to keep the station on the air.  This will consist of a 30 second ad spot upon initial connection with 60’s & Beyond and then approximately 3 – 4 minutes of advertisements throughout each hour.  I don’t know of any other way to cover the expenses of the station unless listener support was as strong as January.  We’ll see what happens with listener support in February but the plan is for the on-air ads to begin as soon as Apple iTunes completes the transition to our new stream server in the next few days.  I’m not happy about inserting ads into the station format but I don’t have a choice at this moment.  I hope you will understand.

As always, we want you to know that we love bringing you the music that you want to hear and we appreciate any feedback you provide.  Go to our “Contact Us!” page and let us know what’s on your mind.  Your positive/negative input is always solicited and appreciated.

Richard Emerson, Owner

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